Haa Alif Baarah

There are 10 different water bodies on Baarah which can be considered different wetland areas, though some of which were originally single water bodies and later divided into separate areas from human and natural causes.

Haa Dh. Neykurendhoo

Four species of mangrove plants were found during the field survey; Lumnitzera racemosa (Black mangrove- Burevi), Excoecaria agallocha (Milky mangrove- Thela),Bruguiera cylindrica (small- leafed orange mangrove- Kandoo) and Xylocarpus moluccensis (Puzzle Nut tree/Cannonball tree- Marugas).

Haa Alif Filladhoo

Three species of mangrove plants were found during the field survey; Rhizophora apiculata (Tall stilted mangrove- Thakafathi), Lumnitzera racemosa (Black mangrove- Burevi) and Bruguiera cylindrica (small- leafed orange mangrove- Kandoo).

Haa Dh. Keylakunu

The wetland area of Keylakunu is continuous on the southeastern side of the island; majority of the wetland area is inaccessible due to thick vegetation. The entire wetland is estimated to cover an area of 10.8ha; 9.8% of the whole island.