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photo: Aminath Zuhudha

VULNERABLE is a photo exhibition organised by Bluepeace, the first environmental organisation formed in the Maldives. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Bluepeace, and to join the global environmental movement bringing attention to the dangers of climate change in the run up to United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP15), Bluepeace presents VULNERABLE, which showcases the face of climate change in the Maldives. The exhibition documents the vulnerability of the fragile coral islands of the Maldives to climate change, through pictures from talented Maldivian photographers. It depicts a nation under threat, as it tries to safeguard an age-old culture and lifestyle that could be erased with rising seas and climate change.

VULNERABLE was launched online on October 24, the International Day of Climate Action organised by, which calls for a reduction of global carbon emissions below 350 parts per million. The exhibition was planned to be launched in Republican Square in Male’, Maldives, on October 24. However, we were forced to cancel the physical exhibition scheduled for October 24, when Male’ Municipality backtracked on its offer of the Republican Square for the event. The exhibition is hosted online at

In the coming weeks and months the exhibition will move to different locations in the Maldives and other countries, including the beautiful city of Copenhagen in December where it will be hosted by Klimaforum09, an alternate climate summit with participation from global environmental movements and civil society organisations.

VULNERABLE is the result of dedicated input from Bluepeace volunteers and well-wishers as the organisation celebrates 20 years of protecting the environment. Bluepeace is particularly grateful to Ms Aylie Baker, a graduate student from the United States, travelling around the world to island nations, researching and documenting sustainability issues facing the islands. We appreciate her assistance in conceptualising this exhibition and her valuable input throughout all stages of planning the exhibition.

Bluepeace highly appreciates the efforts of the photographers who contributed to this exhibition. Without their dedication to this cause it would not have been possible to showcase the vulnerability of the Maldives to climate change through this exhibition.

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October 15 is marked worldwide as the Blog Action Day. Every year bloggers are encouraged to blog on a theme of global importance on this day. The event for this year is climate change.

“Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion,” the organisers of the event described on their website.

Blog Action Day is marked this year as the Maldives is preparing for October 24, the International Day of Climate Action organised by Among the events planned for the day is the 24-hour underwater rally organised by Divers Association of Maldives. A video promoting this event has been posted to Youtube.

Another significant event being organised to gain global attention to the vulnerability of Maldives is the underwater cabinet meeting that will be held on October 17. The President of Maldives Mohamed Nasheed and his Cabinet will convene a meeting underwater and sign a petition calling on world leaders to cut down carbon emissions.




As one of the lowest-lying countries in the world, Maldives is particularly vulnerable to climate change. The proliferation of images in today’s internet age is such that Maldives is known the world over as a stunning holiday destination. While Maldives has been the subject of many documentaries and news articles regarding climate change, to date no documentary has been produced by Maldivians for an international audience. This is a chance for Maldives to show vulnerability to the world as seen through our eyes.

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of Bluepeace — Maldives’ first environmental NGO — and to showcase the documentary talent of Maldivian artists, Bluepeace and the Maldives Photographers Association are calling upon Maldivian photographers to engage in a photo exhibition, Vulnerable.

The exhibition will be hosted in December in Copenhagen by Kilmaforum09, an alternative climate summit with representation from civil society organisations, environmental movements and grassroots activists from serveral countries. Klimaforum09 will take place at the time of COP15 conference in Copenhagen.


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